Maintaining Professionalism as a Social Media Collaborator

IMG_8197 copyI love working with amazing companies that maintain high quality content and professionalism. Visual aesthetics is something I knew I wanted to pursue even as a child and living and studying in Hawaii has given my the opportunity to do so. Every time I tell someone i’m from the LA area and am a film student at UHM, I get asked the same question “Why Hawaii?” And every time I reply with “because I’d rather be a big fish in a small sea than a little fish in a big sea” and I stand by that. I realize that I will most likely move back to LA because there are more opportunities there, however competing in such an industry was not something I was prepared for coming straight out of high school. With little to nothing to offer, I made it a priority to work on myself during this time to build a reputation and network of likeminded professionals. Now, I’m confident that my work speaks for itself. I’ve discovered new ways to create visual content and I love producing creative collaborations, especially with professionals internationally. However, I have learned that there are more unprofessional collaborators than in any other industry. I am amazed by how many companies are willing to give free stuff away to anyone willing to post a photo; regardless of who took it, lacking the knowledge that these photos copyrights are owned by the photographer, not the model, and legally can never be used for advertisement without signing release forms. It is crazy to me that so many companies are okay with stealing content to drive exposure to their brand instead of producing their own. This is not only illegal but jeopardizes the business of real professionals in the industry. I will always maintain a professional attitude, even towards free collaborations, and will never promote something I don’t personally love. With that being said, I am currently producing several photo shoots for mine and my sisters month long trip to Bali this May-June and still have time to work with a few more companies while being there. If you are interested in driving exposure to your brand with professional content produced in Bali feel free to reach out via E-mail. Hawaii Collaborations will resume in June!

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