Wanderlust Festival 2018: How to make the most out of your schedule + tips and insights ❁

Before this March I had never been to a festival of any kind! So it’s no surprise why I chose Wanderlust to be my first (plus I was invited Amazing Grass who i’ll talk about later, so I could not turn down the opportunity).♡(;  Like most people do their first year, I totally underestimated how exhausting repetitive power style yoga classes could be! So before I begin telling you about some of the things I learned and experiences I had, I just wanted to disclose that I ignorantly maxed out my physical yoga classes each day, despite them usually being back-to-back so that I could experience as many diverse classes as possible. I quickly learned that there’s a very good reason they limit you, and offer meditation, music performances, and speakeasies throughout the day. Don’t make the same mistake I did – Take advantage of the various other experiences the festival offers, they are just as incredible as the physical yoga practices are, and they offer time to refuel the body.

My first morning started off with a HoopDance class, which was completely new to me as far as the dance portion goes. I had a lot of fun and even though I learned to hold up a hula hoop forever after the first time I lost a hula hoop competition when I was like 7, I didn’t feel like this class was too basic or boring at all, which I was a little afraid of since this was the Intro class. The class itself actually hardly has anything to do with holding a hoop around your waist (in case you’re terrible at that) and they teach simple hand and body tricks that look very pretty.  Even if you don’t learn anything in this class it sure is fun to watch people throw their hula hoops all over the place.

Straight from there I ran across the venue to a core strengthening class by Chelsea Korus. I don’t recommend doing back-to-back classes on opposite sides of the festival unless you are feeling really ambitious! By the time I got there I was already on fire and this girls class sure isn’t a yin class. Chelsea is a total fitspo and not only is her physique gorgeous, but this girls strength is phenomenally impressive! Her class is a testimony to her strong practice and provides you with the tools to really strengthen the mind and body. I really enjoyed how she created a flow

Caley Alissa is just a beautiful beam of light with the perfect about of rebel in her teachings. All you naughty yogis will love her class and energy. She’s not afraid to drop an F bomb. Or 5. and has a really motivating essence that helps push you through her upbeat class.

Aireal Yoga with Carmen Curtis is definitely something you’ll want to try if you’re into experimenting with non-traditional practices. A fusion of acro silks and yoga really makes this class unique and diverse. There is a lot of room for relaxing postures, advanced variations, and experimental play. Carmen encourages creativity and has a very calming presence.


If you want a class filled with wisdom and entertainment you’ll want to visit Bryan Kest. I actually wasn’t planning on taking any of his classes since they seemed like they were target towards an older audience, and I honestly didn’t know he was the founder of power yoga.. oops. But luckily I weaseled my little butt into one of the first spots in his last class, which was actually the last class of the entire festival. Theres no doubt that he’s a power yoga teacher, but he guides the class through sensual strength-building poses as he encourages being present with, and listening to the body. This can ultimately be for all levels if one could simply stop comparing themselves to the person next to them.   IMG_9423

While visiting Sat Siri & her guest performer Noelani Love during a beautiful kundalini practice with sound healing, I almost regretted not spending every class with them. They both are glowing with an aura of positive energy that lights up the calm room and re-fuels the soul. If you are in need of a healing and loving practice – visit one of her classes!

One class that i’d say everyone should try is Acro Yoga with Koya Webb  and Liz & Max. This is a great class to make friends if you are going by yourself, or work on communication with a loved one. I don’t think anyone didn’t enjoy the acro yoga classes. They were also super cool about getting pics and sharing them, hence the title “Instagram Fuel”

(Inserts pics they are supposed to send everyone, but haven’t yet. I’ll add them here as soon as they do!)  (:

I also took the thai massage class with them which is a great in-between class. If you are by yourself and don’t like touching / being touched by strangers this class probably isn’t you, but I love being touched so it was great – thanks Keith (:

Taimane is a performer that you must see at least once during the festival. If you can see her more – then lucky you. This girl is so talented you won’t be able to get enough of her. I only took this one class with her and wish I would have went to her night performance too. She’s a total rockstar embodied in grace and elegance ~ look her up so you can see for yourself . ♡


I stumbled upon Samuel J performing before the last class of the event so below i’ve attached a little teaser of his lovely performance.

DJ Serious Black is a spunky upbeat DJ that can hype up any class. Any class that she DJ’s will help give you a vibrational boost through her music and these classes are generally wiggle and dance encouraged!

The one performer I really would have liked to see but left before he performed was Xavier Rudd. I’m really bummed I missed him, but heard he was amazing so decided to include that in this post so you don’t regret missing him like I do!

The 2018 wanderlust tour is sponsored by Amazing Grass and YogaJournal, both incredibly helpful companies for anyone interested in personal health and wellness. I had the honor of attending Wanderlust Oahu with the Amazing Grass team and am so pleased by everything I have experience with them. Their team is just so awesome and their vegan products are perfect for everyone, vegan or not. I’m not going to lie and say i’ve been using their product for a while, but I used them during the festival, which truly helped keep me fueled through the back to back classes. I am now using their products regularly, and hope they send more before I run out (; The best part is, my sister has been using their products for a while which I found out through instagram after teaming up with Amazing Grass! So if you’d ask me if i’d recommend it to my friends and family, i’d say “fuck yeah!”.


Get familiar with the teachers, speakers, and performers! You don’t want to regret missing someone you might be super excited about.

Try new things! A large variety of classes are offered try Aireal yoga, SUP yoga, or even yoga on horses. You might just fall in love with a style you never knew existed – if only you try! Or equally as important, you might learn what you don’t like (;


Schedule class intensities, time, and location accordingly. Some classes are relatively far, especially when transitioning back and forth between high-intensity classes. Give yourself time to eat, breathe, and be present. I had to keep reminding myself to stay present, since I was rushing to my classes only thinking about the future, as I blindly passed flowers, horses, and beautiful children. Don’t do that. If you’re late, relax. It’s a yoga festival. But still very important to consider when choosing your schedule so you don’t burn yourself out before the music starts!

Take control of the level of your practice. And by this I mean that your practice in any class should always depend on how your body feels. Basically, don’t injure yourself because you were trying to compete with the person next to you at yoga.

Make new friends! Wanderlust attracts many free spirited and happy individuals, usually very likeminded in eco-consciousness, wellness, and happiness. Take advantage of all the wonderful people the festival brings together and try to get to know at least one stranger every day.

Bring a backpack of essentials. Some may want to have more if they are commuting. Make sure not to forget:

❁ hydroflask (or another kind of reusable bottle)

❁ Yoga mat (any size will work, but keep in mind you may have to walk long distances with your stuff).

❁ Sunscreen (not the kind that gives you cancer).

❁ phone – you may want to take photos and DSLR cameras aren’t allowed without a photo pass. Make sure to keep it on silent. 

❁ If you are planning to videotape, i’d recommend getting a gorilla tripod for your phone or go pro. They are small and can be attached to almost anything to get dynamic angles.

❁ $$$ (for food and shopping at all the cute shops in the marketplace).

❁ A change of clothes – I wore leggings every day since the mornings were usually cold and brought shorts in case it got hot and something warm and cute for the night performances. Always have a sweater just in case. It comes in handy during savasana.

❁ If you are a local yoga instructor, performer or vendor bring business cards! Although you don’t want to spend the entire time networking, you may come across an unexpected opportunity and having a business card readily available might just help you out.

I hope this was helpful if you are thinking about attending Wanderlust Fest or another similar festival, and if you have and questions, comments, or suggestions of things that could help make this post better please let me know in the comments below! ♡

Lots of love ~


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