Bali Guide To Hotel Accommodations

Heading to Bali soon? I don’t blame you. Bali, Indonesia is one of my favorite places in the world; I still have a lot to see, but Hawaii, Dominican Republic, and Tahiti, gave Bali some tough competition. What I love about traveling to Bali is that as a young female traveler, solo at times, I always feel 100% safe there. The culture is extremely rich in Hinduism and it is evident through their frequent ceremonies, parades, daily prayers and offerings, and overall treatment towards others. What I love most about Bali though is the people. Bali is living, breathing proof that happiness does not come from financial gain, but through a way of life and a state of being. it’s no wonder why so many people (like myself) go to Bali seeking out ways to immerse in this type of lifestyle.

Before traveling to Bali, you should know that just like any other tourist destination, there are many different ways to experience Bali. Some people prefer to stay in big chain hotels due to reasons of comfort, accountability, and professional standards, but I personally find that there are much better, and more cost efficient options. However, Staying in these big chain hotels does usually mean being surrounded by big companies for shopping, fancier restaurants, and sometimes more maintained roads and walkways, which some people might prefer; Just something worth keeping in mind.

Below are some of my personal favorite spots in Bali for accommodations, plus a complete list of pros & cons from each location. Feel free to leave any additional tips, or suggestions I may have left out in the comment section to help others exploring their Bali travel options.

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Places to stay

Own Villas – Canggu

Being one of the smaller villas, Own Villas is at the top of my recommendations for places to stay in Canggu for couples. I enjoy that the location has an emphasis on nature and there is a great story behind the architecture of the huts, done by the owner. Overall, Own Villa is sure to be a great experience for couples, or anyone who loves a quiet escape from Canggu’s busy energy.



  • Beautiful & clean accommodations
  • Great Customer Service
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • pool
  • TV
  • Luxury service
  • Highly recommended for couples
  • AMAZING meal options
  • Quiet area


  • Not recommended for big groups since they can only sleep few.




The Chillhouse Bali – Canggu

If you are staying in Canggu and want to be surrounded by a lot of fun, vibrant, positive energy, I highly suggest checking out The Chillhouse. This location attracts a lot of yogis, surfers, bloggers, and other likeminded people. Every cottage there is themes with its own color and are all adorable.



  • Clean & Cute Accommodations
  • Great Customer Service
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • 2 pools
  • Yoga
  • Cassava, the in house cafe, is amazing with tons of fresh juices!
  • Great environment for yogis + surfers
  • Great for retreats


  • Wifi is exceptionally better in the Cafe, so if you’re a blogger or work from your computer expect to be spending a lot of your work time there.
  • Bathroom lighting could be brighter for the ladies getting ready for a night out.


Jungleroom Bali – Canggu


I have stayed at The Jungleroom in Canggu multiple times, and loved my stay there every time. This hideout is tucked away from the hustle and bustle from the main roads, but is still a short drive to get to the most popular spots in the area. Another surfer / yoga style vibe here, and also great for couples.

I have stayed at The Jungleroom Bali in Canggu multiple times, and loved my stay there every time. This hideout is tucked away from the hustle and bustle from the main roads, but is still a short drive to get to the most popular spots in the area. Another surfer / yoga style vibe here, and also great for couples.



  • Complimentary Breakfast with delicious options
  • Beautiful  boho balinese / surf style aesthetics
  • Cleanliness
  • Friendly staff
  • Good for small retreats
  • Wifi

Eden Estate – Ubud

Formerly known as Indigo Tree, Eden Estate is a true taste of luxury tucked away in the rice fields of Ubud. There is a complimentary shuttle that takes you to and from Ubud’s center which is really convenient and is offered multiple times throughout the day. Transport was even provided for us at no additional cost when we missed the shuttle and called the hotel.


  • Breakfast Included
  • Complimentary shuttle to Ubud Center
  • Multiple Pools on location
  • In house cafe
  • Clean, visually aesthetic rooms
  • Surrounded by nature
  • Luxury standards
  • Awesome yoga shala
  • Wifi


  • The walls are a little thin, so we could hear the guests next to us.
  • Not walkable distance to shopping + dining
  • Wifi was much better by the pool and dining area


Dragonfly Village – Ubud

This village is a great location in the ricefields of ubud. I love the cafes that surround the pathway the village is on and the hotels cafe is also really good. There is a back entrance to the ricefields which was great for getting some richfield photos without having to go to the touristy terraces. By far the most unique thing about dragonfly is the Sauna nights that they have. Very great accommodations for yogis and retreats.



  • Sauna nights
  • pool
  • Ricefield access (great for photos)
  • Awesome yoga shala
  • Cute designed huts
  • They provide natural bug repellant
  • Great for retreats


  • A bit pricier than most of the surrounding places.
  • You have to walk or motorbike a good ways to get to the main road, not ideal for anyone who doesn’t like walking or has trouble walking for long periods of time.
  • Lots of lizards, insects and critters around (we didn’t mind, but a few other people did).
  • The wifi was nearly non-existent, but the nearby cafes have great wifi.


Soo Bali Villas – Seminyak



Tucked away in the heart of Seminyak, this location is perfect for anyone wanting to party at night, while still enjoying some sunshine by the pool during the day. This is a great spot to hang out by the pool, while still being close enough to catch a taxi to the beach, or walk down the road for some shopping. My favorite part about this spot was how close it is to so many places to eat. My trips pretty much revolve around when and what i’m eating so this was a big perk for us!


  • Lots of food options
  • Clean and great aesthetics / design
  • Professional + great customer service
  • Several bars and nearby nightlife options
  • Tucked away from the street bustle
  • TV + speaker
  • Pool
  • Wifi


  • The area is generally a much more expensive area compared to the rest of Bali
  • High tourism

Other locations worth checking out:

Blue Coco Guesthouse – Keramas

Beji Ubud Resort – Ubud

Hideout Bali – Sideman (central/east Bali)

Hanging Gardens Bali – Central Bali

Hotel Komune – Keramas

The Edge Bali – Uluwatu

Uluwatu Surf Villas – Uluwatu

Sumberkima Hill – Northern Bali

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